METRO prep is the perfect way to prepare for a METRO traineeship.

A full time METRO traineeship is very costly and risky. METRO prep allows you to taste something of METRO to help determine whether you should take that next step.

Meeting one-to-one

In METRO prep the trainee needs a trusted trainer or mentor. The trainee should start meeting one-to-one on a regular basis with their trainer to read the Bible & pray together. There is no better way to grow a training relationship. This meeting one to one forms the basic shape of any METRO training experience.

It is also recommended that the trainee and trainer work through the two introductory Ministry Papers: “the ministry training church” and “meeting one to one”.

3 strands

Woven thoughout the whole of METRO are these  three strands of training:-   personal godliness; ministry training; and theological reflection.

During METRO prep some thought should be given to spending time on each strand.

Supervised experienced within a particular ministry is recommended.

Reading also forms an important part of your training in METRO. In METRO prep we recommend that you read a book each term with your trainer.

For more information about METRO prep download the METRO prep fact sheet.

To register for METRO PREP download the form here.