METRO (scholarship) is a full time ministry training program within a local church where the METRO trainee is discipled by a trainer experienced in gospel ministry.  This path currently attracts a scholarship of up to $12,000 p.a. paid to the training church by the METRO committee and passed on to the trainee. This scholarship is only available to Presbyterian churches within NSW and the amount of this scholarship is dependent on the funding received by the committee through the NSW Assembly.  The METRO committee requires each training church to provide an additional $8000 p.a for the METRO (scholarship) trainee.  This path is best suited for those people moving towards gospel ministry as the main Bible teacher in a local church.

The three strands

Woven thoughout the whole of METRO are these  three strands of training:-

PERSONAL GODLINESS: The program emphasises daily bible reading & prayer as the key to godliness, and discussion/accountability in the training relationship in relation to this. There is also specific attention given to personal evangelism and family life.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION: Within this strand the trainee will read & reflect within the following areas:- Biblical theology, Prayer/Spiritual life, General systematic theology, Philosophy/World view, New Testament, Focal topic in theology, Ministry & evangelism and Ethics.

MINISTRY SKILLS: The program is designed to develop thinking and skills in certain core areas of ministry, as well as some elective areas.

Core and elective

• In the ministry skills strand of the program, there are both (i) core areas of training which all trainees undertake; & (ii) elective areas of training where trainees select from options.
• The three core areas of training are big group teaching, small group teaching, & evangelism/discipleship. Development in these areas is seen as fundamental to development for gospel ministry.
• A major elective is then selected from such ministry areas as: youth group, kids church, kids club, university ministry, men’s ministry, women’s ministry (this should usually be a major elective for women metro trainees). The goal here isn’t so much to do with specialization as development of leadership skills. There are opportunities for learning and growth that can only come through such sustained leadership of a ministry team.
• A minor elective(s) selected from a range of ministry areas: e.g. music, drama, audio (or one of the ministry areas above but in a lesser role) is optional.
• There are also some assorted tasks that round out the ministry training experience.


• Clearly, the ‘core and elective’ shape of the program already allows for significant flexibility in the program. Other aspects of the program, e.g. the order/timing of the program, will also need to be approached in a flexible manner.


• The trainer also is simultaneously a trainer and a trainee! — needing to be supported in their training role and to learn through the experience—through ‘coaching’ support.
• Coaching the trainer is the key way Metro supports the training relationship. The focus of the annual metro conference will be time for coaches to spend with trainer/trainees. The coach will then also have regular phone and email contact with the trainer through the year.