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The Vision

"To raise up gospel workers equipped with godly character, biblical competency, and confidence to take the message of Jesus to the world"



Ministry Equipping Training Recruiting Organisation (METRO)

METRO is an organisation within the Presbyterian Church of Australia that aims to train and equip men and women for gospel ministry in the context of the local church.

What is a METRO Scholarship?

A METRO Scholarship is financial assistance given to those undertaking a METRO apprenticeship up to the value of $6000 per year for two years (or up to $3000 per year for 2 years in the MTS-MTW program).


METRO believes that training for the work of gospel ministry is best achieved through intentional discipleship in the context of the local church. Specifically, the METRO Apprenticeship Program facilitates apprenticeships between trainers and apprentices. 

In the context of a METRO apprenticeship, the apprentice focuses on growing in three areas:

  1. Character — Maturity in personal godliness.

  2. Conviction — The development of theological and doctrinal convictions from Scripture.

  3. CompetenceGrowth in the ability to serve the Lord across various church-based ministries.


There are four METRO Pathways you can take:

1. Christ College Traineeship
The Traineeship is a two-year training program that develops future ministry leaders.  It involves holistic training and ministry under a coach for three days a week, and Christ College for two days. Trainees outside of Sydney can participate through distance education and intensive classes.  For more on the Traineeship, including its unique value, click here.

2. Ministry Training Strategy (MTS)

MTS provides a program of training which includes ministry experience and academic study undertaken in the context of the local church. The academic component is undertaken through ASTC. For more on MTS, visit this link

3. Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES)

METRO apprentices can train in a university ministry. This pathway gives apprentices training and experience sharing their faith in Jesus with peers on campus. Apprentices training with AFES are also required to maintain strong involvement in their local congregation. Click here for more.

4. Alternate Pathway

If you have a particular gospel ministry you are hoping to train in as a METRO apprentice, an alternate pathway can be approved under discretion by the METRO committee. 

If you are interested in considering this pathway, please contact the METRO convenor David Bell at to share your proposed METRO apprenticeship.


The benefits of METRO extend beyond the apprentice and trainer. METRO helps cultivate a culture of training and discipleship in the local church and the wider Presbyterian Church. 

This occurs because:

  • The Trainer — through an intensive training experience, trainers mature in their ability to grow gospel ministry training in their local church.

  • Local Church —  training is emphasised as a priority amongst God's people. 

  • Presbytery — Presbyteries are challenged and encouraged to continue developing gospel ministry training within their various congregations.

  • Presbyterian Church the encouragement of gospel ministry training means healthier churches, faithful preaching of God's Word, and therefore the advancement of God's Kingdom.

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