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Past Webinars

Multiple times a year, METRO invite guest presenters to deliver seminars on various topics, both theological and practical. To listen to our past seminars, please click the image on the right.

The next webinar will be held on 6 September.

Ministry in Foreign Places
(or wherever the Lord sends you)
Derek Yu
Fostering Titus 2 Relationships in the Church
Clare Merkel
How to Focus on Ministry Outside of Church 
Neil Auranaune
Loving your Community and Pastoring Your Church Through Crisis
Stew Playstead
Understanding and Helping Others with Pornography
Simon Wong
Social Anxiety and Pastoral Care
Stephanie Wong
The Gospel and Time Management
James Jeffery
Containment: 'When we think it but just don't say it!'
Russell Smidt
Image by Timothy Hales Bennett

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